Peek Linux With GSM Support

The Peek is a mobile device that uses a GSM radio to get your email and display it. Basically, it’s a single-purpose email device.

A month or two ago, I bought a Peek on eBay for $22. I thought it might be useful, but it ended up being useless without the Peek service. So far, I’ve managed to upgrade the firmware, but I still need the Peek service to get it to work. Peek customer support has been unresponsive to my request to activate my Peek, so I now want to install Linux on this thing to at least get SOME functionality out of it. Unfortunately, without the GSM radio drivers of the TI Locosto chip, this device is still useless (even on Linux). My new side project is to now get access to TI’s Locosto dev info so I can make binary drivers for the chip for Linux. I would only be able to make binaries because of TI’s NDA.

Any help with this would be appreciated!

Here’s some info on the Peek’s hardware:

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  • Sam Aarons

    Any progress on your attempt? Peek has started dumping these devices for free and I’m in the process of getting a case (20) of them.

  • Sean

    Same question as Sam. Just got my Peek & can’t even get past registration; wondering if there has been any progress.

    • cyrozap

      Sorry, no progress so far. Programming for this device is non-trivial and I don’t have too much experience in that area. I’m hoping that someone who knows what they’re doing will be getting their hands on a Peek soon.