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Strange happenings with the blog…

For some reason, it only works in Google Chrome–all other browsers that I’ve tried (Firefox, IE, Safari) don’t show the theme. I’ve changed the theme, repaired the database, but nothing works. Maybe if I didn’t change the domain and upgrade … Continue reading

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Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your MakerBot Running Overnight When Using a Weak PC

Yup. It ran until it had run out of plastic. When I looked at the computer, the screen was flashing random patterns. Yeah, it was that bad. Then, this happened: AND THIS IS WHY YOU MUST NEVER EVER FOREVER NEVER … Continue reading

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Failures and Succeses

This post summarizes the events of the past few days: – MakerBot randomly stops during large print (Mendel extruder), causing blob; blob makes print fail epicly. – Happens again; no idea what’s going wrong. – I tighten the X/Y belts. … Continue reading

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More Fixed!

Pretty permalinks now work! I’m so excited! This is the thread I started to solve my problem.

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Technical Difficulties

Ok, so when I tried importing the posts and other content from my old blog, it didn’t work out too well. None of the posts below this one can be linked to, and none of the pictures show up. All … Continue reading

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