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Mac SE Update

I just realized that I haven’t posted any updates on my Macintosh SE in over a year! I’ve made a few big strides since then and I’m really getting excited about it. Remember that RAM Issue I was having? Well, … Continue reading

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bladeRF: a USB 3.0 Software Defined Radio

I just backed this project! Why? Because for $400, I get one of the most flexible and inexpensive SDR’s on the market. Not only do I get that, I also get in-depth documentation and guides on how to use it. … Continue reading

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Notice a Speed Increase?

Well, I’ve finally done it–I’ve purchased a VPS and now I’m hosting this blog on it! I’m still using CloudFlare for caching, spam-filtering, and DDoS protection, but now I’m running the blog on a network that is about two orders … Continue reading

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CloudFlare is Awesome!

I’ve been trying out CloudFlare to try to speed up the site a bit and so far, it’s working great! It’s also handy because I can use it to bypass 1and1′s 5 subdomain limit because I’m using CloudFlare’s servers. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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My Current 3D-Printing Status

Hardware upgrade: After wiring the 8-pin CPU power connector to go to the relay board and connecting my Cupcake’s new PSU, the machine no longer skips steps in the Z-axis nor in the extruder and the heated build platform and … Continue reading

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Python Is Fun

Usually, I don’t do much programming because it’s always taken a lot of work to do even the simplest of things. However, sinceĀ I’ve discovered Python, I’ve been having a blast. Just yesterday, I wrote a command line tool to upload … Continue reading

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Upgrading the Kyocera KR2 With the CradlePoint MBR1000 Firmware

This is the first post in my quest to get my Kyocera KR2 running some more modern firmware. For those of you who don’t know, The CradlePoint MBR1000 3G/4G wireless router is essentially a rebranded Kyocera KR2 with different firmware … Continue reading

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Power Supply Perils

After 3 years of faithfully supplying power to my MakerBot Cupcake, the power supply has finally died. Every time I switched it on, it would turn right off. That’s not bad for 3 years of use, especially considering that I … Continue reading

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MakerBot is Growing Up

Disclaimer: This is just, like, my opinion, man. Also, I won’t be discussing whether MakerBot has done anything illegal or not; I’ll only be explaining what I think is going on at the company. Introduction: Recently, the MakerBot Replicator 2 … Continue reading

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Totally not a “tech project” post.

For this blog post, I’m going to analyze Apple’s success because I’m totally qualified to do that. Also, if you’re an Apple hater, you might not like reading this. I noticed something interesting I regarding the differences between Apple advertisements … Continue reading

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