bladeRF: a USB 3.0 Software Defined Radio

I just backed this project! Why? Because for $400, I get one of the most flexible and inexpensive SDR’s on the market. Not only do I get that, I also get in-depth documentation and guides on how to use it. I’ve been wanting a nice SDR for some time now, ever since I saw the OpenBTS demo using the Ettus Research USRP1. Unfortunately, the USRP1 is, to me, too limited to justify the price. Additionally, there is a very steep learning curve if you’re a beginner like me. I’m still interested in cell phone networks, though, and with the pending release of the bladeRF, I will finally have a chance to play around with the technology.

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    Are you sure that the bladerf will/is compatible with gsm network testing like openbts/airprobe …
    No test have been done yet and according to some discussion on kickstarter even the higer price model may be too limited and further testing are required: (

    • cyrozap

      To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure at all. I do know, however, that the frequency range of the device encompasses the entire cellular band (and then some). Additionally, its specifications are comparable (and in some cases exceed) those of the USRP1, which has been successfully demonstrated to act as an OpenBTS and GNU Radio peripheral. If you want to know for certain, I would suggest asking the creators of the bladeRF because I only have as much information as everyone else.